Ella Artistry

Hey all, I want to give you an update on Ella Artistry! To be frank, it hasn’t taken off like I hoped it would. I’ve made several sales, but most have been to family and friends. It’s so great that they have supported me, but I’m trying to sell to more people than just those who I know! I have a long list of ideas for products to make that I’m really excited about, but I can’t really make too many without selling things first… which also adds to the slow pace! But overall, I love having an Etsy shop. Even though it is slow, I love making things and I think that makes it possible for me to keep trying! I’ve been working specifically on my @ellaartistry Instagram account (by the way, what’s up with hashtags not working today??) and on finding other makers for inspiration and support! I’ve made friends through Instagram (crazy, right?) and I know that those connections are real. I have met incredible women of God who love creating and sharing Christ’s love through their art, and I want to do that too! So, I’m pressing on. I will continue to paint and letter and try new things because I love it and because I feel God has blessed me with even A LITTLE talent. It’s about people, and love, and passion. That’s why I’ll keep on keeping on. ❤

Here are a few things I’ve made recently! PLEASE let me know what you think and if you have an advice, ideas, or commissions! I’ve learned that people love wedding/engagement/relationship related stuff! So I’m branching into that to see how it goes!



This is a Mrs. ring dish, embossed in silver. It can be made in silver, gold, or copper, and can say anything! Find it here.


This is a Mrs. ring dish, embossed in silver. It can be made in silver, gold, or copper, and can say anything! Find it here.


This is a gold embossed watercolor painting! It can be sold with the frame or without. Find it here!


Stained and painted family name signs! Customizable. Find them here!




2 thoughts on “Ella Artistry

  1. iamjoycemacleod says:

    Your stuff looks beautiful. I only wish I lived in the US so I could buy some of it! Best wishes for your venture, I hope it works out for you 🙂


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