It’s spring! The weather is slowly starting to warm up and the wedding invitations are pouring in. With the wedding invitations come shower invites and, if you’re lucky, lingerie parties as well! Whether you don’t know the bride enough to make lingerie choices for her or you don’t feel comfortable purchasing panties for someone else, here are 6 unconventional lingerie shower gift ideas to help you celebrate her with more than just a gift card.

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Bath bombs

Perfect to help your friend relax after the wedding, these bath bombs are a fun addition to any bath and can even be found with real rose petals inside that come out as you soak. Bath bombs can be used as a special honeymoon treat or even just for a relaxing night at home.

Cute pajamas

If you’re worried the bride will already have too many silky, strappy items of sleepwear, find her something unique or punny to sleep in! We love this “I Avo Crush On You” sleepset, but there are tons of cute styles like this online. She will appreciate having something simple and comfortable to sleep in on the nights she isn’t in something fancier!

Homemade Soap or Lotion

Whether it is soaps from your friend’s favorite home fragrance store, like Lush or Bath and Body Works, or something homemade from Etsy or a local artist’s market, find a set of beautiful smelling soaps or lotions that will have her feeling thankful everytime she uses them! You can even find something infused with essential oils.

Travel Bag for Lingerie

If you’re wanting to purchase a more practical gift to the bride, find her a travel bag perfect for packing bras and panties like this one! This gift has compartments to keep the goods from being squished while traveling. This useful bag would be perfect for her upcoming honeymoon!

Picture Frame for Wedding Photos

A picture frame can be a great gift idea for a newlywed and there are several ways to give it as a gift! You can have one of their engagement photos printed and framed, or even just frame their wedding invitation as a sweet memorial gift. If you want to up your game a little, sneak some cash or a gift card in the frame as well.


While definitely less conventional for a shower gift, jewelry can be a sweet option to show the bride you care. Find a cute initial necklace that she can wear daily or a gorgeous piece for her to wear to a fancy dinner during their honeymoon. A nice necklace will make her feel beautiful and she will remember when she wore it for the first time in a special place.

What is an unconventional gift you’ve given or received?

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