The countdown is officially on… T-13 days until Christmas and it is time to get those last minute gifts for the people in your life! If you’re like me, you’ve got someone with an extremely specific taste in gifts… so specific that it can be hard to come up with gift ideas unless they give them to you. My husband is the definition of a techie- he is even asking for BATTERIES for Christmas. He helped me come up with these 10 gift ideas for the ultra-tech lovers that you love so dearly. We compiled these items almost entirely through Amazon, because we know how helpful that 2 day Prime shipping will be when you forget to order something until December 20th! Read our descriptions of these items below and if you’re drawn to anything, please shop at the Amazon links we have provided. Happy shopping!

(Find the Google Home here)

  • TP-Link WiFi Light Switch

Ever got in bed just to realize that you left the light on in another room? It’s the worst, I know. WiFi light switches are simple to install and they can then be controlled via app! These are especially helpful for rooms where the lightswitch is in a weird or hard to get to location. *Note, these don’t support 3-way switches.

  • Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

I’ve been using the Fitbit Blaze for almost a year now and have loved the simple and easy to use functions of this smartwatch turned fitness band! It is the perfect mix between fitness tracker and simple smartwatch. TFitbit fitbit watch, the Ionic, has built-in GPS and music storage! One of the coolest features of this watch is that it can walk you through workouts right from your wrist.

  • Harmony Companion Remote

A fan favorite of my husband’s, this universal remote can be programmed to do crazy tasks like lowering the lights and opening specific home entertainment controls. Set it up with other smart home products to control your movie night all from one sleek remote.

  • LG 4K Blu-ray Player

What techie isn’t upgrading their entire entertainment system to support 4k? Once you’ve snagged a new 4k TV, its time to find a 4k Blu-ray player like this one to get the most out of your growing collection of 4k movies!

  • Pleson Fast Wireless Charger

If you’re grabbing someone the new iPhone 8 or X this year, they have the new feature of being able to charge wirelessly! Be on the lookout soon for our post on making your home smarter, but one of our favorite tips is to carve out an opening in your nightstand for a wireless charger, so your phone will charge any time it is sitting on your nightstand! Use this cheap wireless charger to charge your phone without having to worry about your cord being plugged in at all times!

  • Monoprice 3D Printer

What else is there to say about 3D printers? They’re uber cool and have so many potential projects waiting to happen. My husband has used his to print various items, so check out more ideas from this post.

  • AUkey Power Bank

We used this power bank on our honeymoon trip through Ireland and Scotland and it held up with our travels very well! It charged many items at once, so we could make sure our phones, camera, GoPro, and watches were all charged and ready to go. Additionally, on long travel days, we could recharge our devices more than once because it held so much battery.

  • Fortress TV Mount

We’re huge fans of having a TV mounted on the wall- that is, if we ever get around to actually installing ours! This TV mount is lightweight and gives you some control over the angle at which the TV is facing. Clear up some space on your entertainment center by mounting your TV!

  • Slingbox M2

My husband wanted me to add this to the list because he things the Slingbox is kind of a hidden gem in our sphere of friends and family. The Slingbox can be used to share cable from one house to another. If you have a second home, or if you want to share your cable with your kids who are away at school, this simple device can be set up to do just that.

  • Google Home

It’s true; the Stanley home currently has 4 Google Home devices. We are kind of obsessed with the amazing connectedness of having the Google Home/Google Home Mini in each room of our house. We use the Google Home to play music, tell us the time, answer silly questions (“Hey Google, how old is Mark Hammel?”), and even talk to the Stranger Things cast. The coolest thing? Google can even control our home entertainment and other smart home devices, so asking sweet Google to turn off the lights in the office is a daily occurrence! Find out more things Google can do here.

What are your favorite gifts for techies this year? Are you going to grab any of these right now? Let me know!

<3 Haley


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