Only 8 days until Christmas! Can you believe it? I spent last weekend crafting the cutest throw blankets with little gray pom poms on the edges! They are so cozy and I’m excited for my friends to use them for years to come!

I thought I would share some of the homemade gifts I’ve made during the past few years and the tutorials they came from (mostly Pinterest projects)! You can find my 6 favorite projects below.

One of my favorite projects thus far has been these super cute pom pom plaid blankets! I made these for a couple of friends and they seemed pretty excited about them. You can find the tutorial I used here, but note that I altered the directions slightly because I don’t own a serger.

These stockings are proudly hung in our little first house this year, and I’m so excited to finally use them! I made them based off of this helpful tutorial. Too cute!

This is my favorite thing I’ve ever made, and it was a super special gift a few years ago for John! You can find the basic tutorial I wrote here. It has been fun to watch it grow over the last few years as we’ve traveled together and add photos to the map. It’s a great way to document your travels!

I had a bit of help with this project from my now husband and father in law! We worked on it in their woodshop for a couple of days during Christmas break one year, and my parents now love to bring it out while we’re home for the holidays! You can find the tutorial here!

This tote bag that I made for my mom wasn’t from a tutorial, but actually was just a thrown together idea from my head. If I had to do it again, I’d follow a great tutorial like this one for a similar style! My mom loves it, no matter how imperfect it is, and uses it as her gym back for work!

I spent a majority of my Christmas break a few years ago making these scarves for friends! They were very simple to make and it was fun to pair the fabrics to my friends’ personalities. You can find the super helpful tutorial here!

What are your favorite DIY gifts? Comment your favorites below!


<3 Haley

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  1. I love your creativity! I’m going to get some help making the Christmas Tree one, so cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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