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After an unfortunate incident in early 2018 concerning a dropped contact (from my last pair), I found myself stuck in glasses for nearly 2 weeks. Now, I’m no spectacle hater. I love wearing my glasses with a cute outfit and made up face, but my old glasses were just. not. cutting. it. I had heard great things about a company named Warby Parker and after a little research, I decided to take the plunge and try their Home Try-On program!

The fun started with a browse through the Warby Parker website for 5 cute styles that I wanted to try on. I took their helpful quiz to help me narrow down some styles that would work well for me. I added the following 5 to my cart: Moriarty, Watts, Blair, Keene, and Laurel. I then simply checked out and got a quick confirmation email saying they had received my order.

The shipping time wasn’t quite like an Amazon 2 day ship, but I think this was because of the storms in our area. I love that Warby Parker uses Narvar for tracking, which conveniently sent me a Facebook message whenever there was a shipping or delivery update. When the package arrived, the 5 pairs of glasses were neatly packed and separated in individual baggies. The package also included a prepaid shipping label to stick on the box when I was ready to ship them back! To make things even easier, Warby Parker emailed me (subject: Send ’em on back) to let me know when my time was almost up (saving me worry about getting them in the mail). I slapped some packing tape over the box and affixed the label and dropped it off at Pakmail.

As for my choice of glasses, the verdict is still out on that one. I’m leaning towards Laurel at this point, but let me know if you have any other suggestions! Honestly, the whole process was so easy that I’d consider doing another test run with a few more styles. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Warby Parker’s glasses and their Home Try-On Program! I know you may have some questions like I did about this program, so check out these answers below.

Does it cost anything?

It does not! Be warned, they do require a credit card on file in case you keep the pairs for yourself or return them late. But there is absolutely no charge for trying on glasses if you send them back on time!

Do you have to buy a pair if you try some on?

NOPE! You can try on 5 pairs and send them back without buying a single thing from their site.

Can I try on any of the glasses they have on the site?

No, unfortunately, there are a few styles which are not available for home try-on. However, most of their eyeglasses and sunglasses are available!

Can I get help picking out a style?

Absolutely! Warby Parker has stylists available by chat to help you out, and they also encourage you to use their hashtag #warbyhometryon if you share the styles on social media and they’ll be happy to let you know which ones they like on you! Additionally, you can get your friends to weigh in, like I did through Instagram stories. Thanks, guys!

Grab yourself a stylish, new pair of glasses at Warby Parker.

Which is your favorite style? Let me know if you have any questions about this great program!





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  1. Hey Haley, do the 5 test glasses come with your prescription lenses in them, or do you have to send them back to have the right lenses put in?

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