PSA: Mother’s Day is now less than a month away, so it’s time to start thinking about what to get for the special lady who has done everything for you! This is the year to break off of the usual gifts of candles, flowers, and chocolates. Now, I’m not bashing flowers and candles. My heart would probably melt if you left some peonies at my door, and a sweet candle can make any day better. This year, though, consider finding something more unique to celebrate your momma! Chances are, someone else will get her flowers, so no worries!

Home Decor

You know your mom better than I do, but Amazon is chock full of home decor ideas that you can get delivered quickly! Find her a fun mercury glaze lamp, a luscious throw blanket, or some pretty decorative jugs!


If your mom is like mine, she goes through sunglasses a little too quickly. Find her a nice pair of Michael Kors sunglasses (which are even available on Amazon) or some classics like Ray-Bans!

Spa Package

Who wouldn’t love a relaxing day at a nice spa? Find a spa in your town or even look for something nicer in your nearest big city!

Fun New Tech

You’ll never stop hearing me talk about Google Homes and how great they are for everyone in your family! Grab your momma a Google Home or Google Home mini, and let her know all the amazing things it can do. Did you know Google can walk you through a featured recipe?!

Show Tickets

Check your local theaters to see if your mom’s favorite show will be coming through any time in the next few months! Tickets to a show she loves will be a great gift that your mom will think about for months to come.

Custom Planner

If your momma is a planner or even if she needs help getting organized, make her a beautiful custom planner from Erin Condren! You can customize the front of the planner with her favorite photos and her name! She will love this unique gift idea.

Did I miss any great gift ideas? Let me know what you’re buying this year!

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