I’ve been notorious for my hatred of eggs for years. If you’re like me, you find it hard to fit healthy breakfast options into your schedule, since eggs seem like everyone else’s go-to meal. If you can’t have eggs at all, look into this article for help with finding a substitute. If you’re not an egg person but you want to incorporate more healthy meals into your daily life, no worries! I did the work for you and gathered these great recipes below.

Source: Greenblender

Avocado Toast

Recipe | Avocado toast is praised by both bloggers and non-bloggers, but you’re more likely to see it from those who enjoy taking food pics at every meal. That pretty green color is irresistible! Full of healthy fats and filling carbs, this is a great way to start your day. Avocado toast is also extremely versatile, so check out this article for several different ways to fashion it!

Source: Mountain Mama Cooks

Oat Pancakes

Recipe | Oats are gluten-free, great for weight loss, and even lower your blood sugar. If you just can’t avoid some fluffy pancakes, opt for an oat recipe like this one which is sure to keep you filled without the potential negative effects of the traditional ingredients!

Source: She Likes Food

Oatmeal Cups

Recipe | These oatmeal cups are the ideal breakfast for a woman on the go! Make a batch ahead of time and grab a cup on the way out the door. There are unlimited possibilities to the ingredients, as well!

Source: Buzzfeed

Smoothies/Smoothie Bowls

Recipe | Another photo favorite, smoothie bowls have taken off in the last few years! If you don’t have time to eat it in the bowl, pop it into a go cup and be on your way. Smoothies are loaded with fantastic ingredients and are a great way to start your day off with several servings of fruit!

Source: Simply Recipes

Banana Bread

Recipe | Oh banana bread, beloved by so many. This recipe from Simply Recipes is known as the best Banana Bread Recipe on the internet and it is also SO easy! Just one bowl for mixing, and one pan for baking. Then you’ve got yourself some sweet bread to get you through several days of breakfast… if it lasts that long in your house!

Source: Wholefully

Overnight Oats

Recipe | Another uber versatile recipe, overnight oats are a great way to make your mornings move faster. Just prepare the ingredients the night before, and they will be ready when you wake up (hence the name). Check out the various recipe ideas over at Wholefully!

What are your favorite egg-free breakfast recipes? Comment below!

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