Happy Tuesday, everyone! It has been an exciting week in the Stanley home. We are enjoying a laid back summer, and I just completed my first graphic design freelance job! (Woohoo!) I’m feeling pretty optimistic about further opportunities as well.

I have the greatest pleasure of introducing you to the world’s most perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe today. These babies are from a special Auburn lady who blogs over at Elisabeth and Butter and she is my baking idol. A sweet friend has been making these cookies for a while and they are a huge hit with everyone who has had them, so I recently asked where the recipe was from. I was so excited to finally make them because they are just. so. dang. good.

There are two things that make these cookies extra special: (1) they contain rolled oats and (2) they are topped with sea salt. The sea salt really makes these extraordinary, in my opinion.

The recipe asks you to use an ice cream scoop to round out the cookies, which I had never done before. I’m most definitely going to continue this in the future! It helped make all of the cookies more uniform and round.

Recipe review: Absolute best cookies. I am surprised each time I have them how perfect they are. Elisabeth and Butter killed it with these. Easy A.

I really hope you’ll enjoy these cookies as much as we do! Make sure to drop a comment on Elisabeth and Butter’s page to let her know you found her through me! 🙂

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