One year ago today, we stood at the altar and made sacred promises to love each other and serve each other until death do us part.

One year ago today, we celebrated with dear friends and family, ate cake, and danced for hours.

One year ago today, we became a family; a team that would never separate and one that would choose love every day.

One year ago today, we hugged John’s grandfather for the last time.

One year ago today, we stopped for an ICEE and Subway on our way to our hotel at 11:30 PM.

Our first year looked a lot like being picked up in a red Bronco on your wedding day; unexpected, messy, and a little funny. Things didn’t happen how we planned them to. We didn’t end up where we wanted to. But, as usual, God made it all work.

I could go into all of the details of what this first year has been for us, but today I choose not to. Because more important than the struggles, the pain, and the fear that we experienced was our God. More powerful was His plan than ours, and more strong was His love for us than our love for each other.

Thank you, Jesus, for my husband. Thank you for the beautiful gift of marriage. Thank you for teaching us about ourselves, each other, and You through this covenant. Do with us what You will. Use us for Your kingdom. We love you.

Happy first anniversary, John. I love you.

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