A heavy writing week at work made me realize how much I miss this. I miss blogging and I miss creativity. So just for a moment, I want to get out some thoughts about this new life change we’re in the middle of.

Apparently, I’m not very good at transitions. I crave them and I get excited about change sometimes, but when it actually happens, I find myself anxious. The last month in Louisville has been filled with so much. It has contained excitement and stress, a desire to explore and, for me, also a deep-seated fear of leaving the house. We have fallen in love with our new home and gotten somewhat used to our new schedule, but we still feel like we know so little about our new location.

The Good

This first month allowed us to find a church that we really like. We’re SO ready to meet people and get involved.

Decorating this house is even more enjoyable than we expected. It seems like we have a conversation daily about how much we love our house and what the next steps are.

We are sticking to the Dave Ramsey plan… and it’s almost fun at times. You should have seen how excited I was after our cheapest grocery trip yet!

We have found some great new stores in the area that we love. If you ever come to Louisville, we can point you to some awesome antique and home decor stores!

We went to Cincinnati for the Western and Southern Open as John’s early birthday gift! We saw Federer, Djokovic, and Halep play.

Despite the fear, I’m thankful. God is so good and we know He brought us here on purpose. We love Louisville. I can’t even tell you how much we love our house. We know that the hardships are temporary and in that we rejoice.

Please visit us!

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