If you’re one of those people getting a much-anticipated snow day this week, I have the perfect solution for all your free time: start your spring cleaning SUPER early.

What made us get organized this winter? Yes, part of the reason is Marie Kondo. That sweet, challenging, little lady made me want to clean and organize our house. The other reason, though, is that it was the last thing standing between us and a (basically) finished house.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve done almost everything we planned to do. We still need to work on John’s office, but it feels far away from where we normally are so I kind of pretend it just doesn’t exist.

After the flu cleared up and we started feeling better, we got to work. Every spare hour for the last few weeks has been filled with John cutting wire covers, me stripping away unnecessary clothing items, and a few short bunny cuddle breaks. Check out what we’ve been working on this month:


In the kitchen, we did a thorough look through our pantry to get rid of expired and unnecessary foods. We labeled our spice bottles and my favorite plastic containers (which you can shop for below). I even got some bins to organize my baking decor supplies. We also went through our Tupperware cabinet to match lids with containers and to separate by type (plastic or glass).


In our bathrooms, we went through every bottle, container, and makeup bag to see what we could toss. When we were done downsizing, we bought these clear bins, labeled them, and organized the items into categories to live in our cramped under-sink storage. I also have a Sterilite 3-drawer bin containing medicine, travel-sized items, and first aid.

Living Room

Our living room is still an ongoing project, as cord covers are much harder than we originally planned. We narrowed down our books slightly, mostly because of some duplicates and textbooks we no longer needed. We then organized our built in shelves with some cute elements to make things fill up the space well. John then started the process of putting up cord covers and channels throughout the room for his speaker system. This helps hide unsightly cords and ruins Milo’s plans to eat everything in sight.


There wasn’t much to do in our bedroom, since our closet lives off of the living room (weird, huh?) and our room is pretty clutter-free. One thing I did to organize my belongings better was to buy this drawer organizer for my underwear. I organized them by type and it has made finding what I need a lot easier. I also went through my socks and threw away anything that didn’t have a match.


Our closet had been overhauled a few months prior, but that didn’t stop me from going through again to narrow down what we really needed. In addition to growing our donation pile, I also reorganized the other supplies stored in the closet, like bunny food, camera bags, and sports equipment. In the fall, we organized accessories and out of season clothing in the fabric bins along the top shelf. I especially love having all matching hangers and organizing by color in the closet.


This was one task I was extremely eager to get done. I was able to finally organize all of my craft supplies into matching bins and get everything off the floor. I sold the old table and storage cart I hadn’t been using and we hung shelves to hold my sewing machine and some other things that didn’t fit in my desk.


These last two organization projects don’t require an entire subsection. We found a beautiful Lane chest a few months ago and finally had the brilliant idea of using it to store our tools! It is in the perfect spot of the house to be accessible when we need a hammer, measuring tape, or the electric drill. I am also pretty excited about how I’ve started storing our table settings when we aren’t using them- layered in the drawers of our beloved hutch.

I hope these photos and tips inspire you, whether you plan on doing winter or spring cleaning! What is your biggest home project this year?

2 thoughts on “Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier: Get a Head Start on Organizing this Winter”

  1. I bet it feels SO GOOD to have everything cleaned and organized. Always puts me in a better mood. This is just the inspiration I need to get going. I decided to go full deep clean mode and professionally clean upholstery in my home before tackling the organizing part. Thank you for your tips! I’m so excited to get started.

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