No really, I’m still so excited that all caps seems necessary. Thank you all for your love and excitement as we celebrate our engagement! John and I are so thankful to know you all. I wanted to share how it happened, what’s next, and some photos with whoever is interested!

The story isn’t very long, but I think that’s fitting for us. The proposal was simple and sweet (and a little awkward because, hey, that’s us). After a very early morning of Church Connect with the BCM and church, we went to lunch with our best friends. I had a suspicion that something might happen on Sunday, and Nicole and I were sending sneaky texts about it throughout the day. After lunch, we were on our way back to John’s house when he asked if I wanted to go for a walk on campus. We walked for a few minutes and stopped at the lathe that sits next to Samford Hall. We had talked about the lathe several times and it has a cool history and an Auburn tradition that involves a kiss to see if you have found a true Auburn woman. I sat down as it seemed John was preoccupied with something on his phone (I think he was really just nervous), and he joined me.

After a couple of minutes of small talk, I asked him if he wanted to keep walking. He said “I want to ask you a question first…”, reached into his pocket and asked: “can we go get tacos?” ARE YOU SUPRISED? If you are, you don’t know John. We giggled… and then after a few moments, he said again “I want to ask you a question” and he got down on one knee. (I think you know how the rest went)

We’re really happy and excited to be engaged! Getting to this point wasn’t always easy. We prayed and talked about this next step for a long time. God has used this time to grow us and bring us closer to Him. We are excited to be engaged so we can begin to plan the next season of our lives…together!

What’s next? We aren’t rushing anything because things are fairly up in the air at this point. I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration this December and John will be graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering sometime next year. I’m so excited to begin planning our wedding, but even more excited to be married to my best friend.

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this journey with us. Please be praying with us for guidance as we start planning and as we go through this semester of being apart more than we are used to!

I’ll leave you with some pictures and a request: help us choose a wedding hashtag! Send me any ideas you have <3

Thanks to Daniel for taking a few pictures for us!
It feels like a dream! Tacori rings are gorgeous.
Can’t believe we got the most beautiful ring in the world.
Last ICEE date of the summer, first as an engaged couple!
Selfie with the lathe
John with the lathe
John calling his parents. Look at that sky!
Future Stanleys!
Somebody was really excited

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  1. I’ve known John for a long time. He has always been a tremendous young man. Glad you have this site and to get to know you, Haley. It also shows what a special young lady you are, too. It speaks well of both of you that you pray together and have sought God’s guidance in your marriage. We would be at your wedding but will be in Europe at the time. I hope Kay-Kay will show me some pictures. Our prayer is that you will have a long and very happy marriage.
    Sincerely, Don & Martha Stout [ Pleased to say, we are Will’s grandparents]

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