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Hey all! I’m so excited to have had my first article published by RELEVANT Magazine last week. I thought I would let you in on how this happened in case any of you are interested in writing for this magazine.

Over Thanksgiving break, after years of encouragement from my mom about my writing, I decided to email my four favorite articles to a few magazines. I found their submission information on their websites and downloaded my articles to make them easier to share. I I read about contribution submission rules on their websites and prepared emails with my information and my articles for each website. Then I sent off the emails!

It didn’t take as long as I expected to hear back from many of the websites. Within a week I had heard from most, and it only took 3 days to hear from RELEVANT. I was on the phone with John when I got the email and I just about hung up out of excitement. The editor suggested a few edits but expressed interest in all 4 articles I sent her. I sent my edits on one of them back that night and she had said she would likely post one of them on Thursday of that week. Then the waiting game began.

Needless to say, I checked RELEVANT’s website about a thousand times on Thursday. As I hadn’t heard back from the editor, I wasn’t sure if my article had been turned down by someone else by the time Thursday had come and gone. Fortunately, I saw a title that sounded similar to mine on Friday around noon and decided to check it out, and it was my article! Well, actually, it was two of my articles made into one. They had changed the title and a little bit of my wording, but I was so relieved and thankful to see my words on the homepage of their website and on their Facebook page.

“So, Your Life Plans Took a Detour. Now What?” stayed as the featured article on RELEVANT’s website all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but was replaced on Monday. As of tonight, it has been shared 600 times (WOW) and I’m so thankful to have been published by such a great magazine! The article will stay on their website for another few weeks and will then be moved to their archives, but don’t worry! You can still access these through their website, I believe.

If you’re interested in getting an article published, I hope this helped. I recognize that not all submissions will be this immediate… I’m still not sure how this happened. But, it was so exciting to see my tiny-thumbnail-face on a big website and to hear of how my words helped others, and I hope for you to have a similar experience!

Thanks for reading,

Haley Ellen


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