Your day is getting closer, and as the remaining days drop lower, its only natural for your stress levels to rise. According to an article by InStyle, 96% of newlywed couples say that wedding planning is stressful. And why wouldn’t it be, with so many people who want to be involved and have a say in each decision? The good news is, there are ways to make your wedding day less stressful, so make sure to take a look below for some tips from newlyweds who have dealt with it all!

1.Two Words: Spa Day

You heard me right. I’ve heard from several people that taking a few hours during the week of your wedding to relax at a spa is extremely beneficial. Let a masseuse melt your problems away with a deep tissue massage, spend some time in a sauna, or get a sugar scrub… maybe all three! Even just a few hours away from wedding planning can help you clear your head and focus on relaxing those muscles. De-stressing in this way will also make you less likely to get sick before your wedding. Win-win!

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2. Choose Your Maid/Matron of Honor Wisely 

For some people, this is a no-brainer. Maybe you’ve had the same best friend since the beginning of time and you can’t imagine anyone else standing beside you on the best day ever. For some, this isn’t as easy, though. There could be two people you love dearly or nobody you feel confident in choosing. The good news is, this is your wedding! You don’t have to choose one maid of honor, you can have two! Or you could even decide to only have bridesmaids and no maid of honor. Don’t let the social convention of having one perfect maid of honor cause you stress.

A good line of thinking while wedding planning is to consider what will make your day the absolute best. If you know someone will make your day more difficult, find a way to let others carry more of the responsibilities if she still needs to be there. If you know you will 100% regret someone being in your wedding party, don’t include them.

3. Finish Planning and Preparing Things 1-2 Weeks Ahead of Time

This was an idea that my best friend did for her wedding and she was extremely thankful she did. Her goal was to have everything wedding related (except some gifts for the wedding party and their honeymoon bags) packed and handed off to the wedding coordinator a week before the wedding and all of the main planning and calls to vendors done the week prior to that. Don’t forget to write checks or get cash out for your vendor tips, which can normally be done ahead of time as well. Getting things done early will allow you more time to write thank you letters, pack for your trip, hug some family members, and just get excited and mentally ready for marriage during those last days before the wedding. This tip can be especially helpful because of how FAST the week before your wedding goes. Leave some extra space for any little things that come up (because things are likely to pop up unexpectedly) by having as much done as you can one week before the wedding.

4. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator Who Can Be Tough

This. I didn’t think I wanted a wedding coordinator, but I am SO thankful I found someone. I feel strongly that every wedding needs a day-of coordinator. This role should be filled by anyone who can be loud, strong, and organized. A coordinator doesn’t even need to be a professional. Do you have an aunt or cousin who has been in weddings before, or maybe a close friend who isn’t in the wedding but wants to be involved? Call them or meet up for coffee and see if they would be willing to coordinate your day. This role would involve contacting any vendors in case of emergency or problems, sending people down the aisle in order and on time, getting you and the spouse together for different events (cake cutting, first dance, toasts) and basically just making the day go according to schedule. Having someone in charge of the logistical parts of our day allowed me to sit back and enjoy every moment.

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5. Hand Your Phone Over

Unless you are a super relaxed bride with unbelievable family and friends, it may be smart to hand your phone off to your MOH on the day of. There’s nothing like a distant family member texting you for the ceremony address on YOUR wedding day. Trust me, it happens. Let your MOH handle the texts and calls that will come up. Don’t worry, she can always hand it to you in the case of a super sweet text from someone who couldn’t attend. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up on texts and calls over the next few days!

6. Give Each Vendor and the Whole Wedding Party A Weekend Schedule

That’s right, everyone should get a schedule of the weekend plans! This can be sent out a few weeks before the wedding, and normally an email will suffice. This schedule may be put together for you by a vendor, or made by your day-of coordinator, but if not you can always check out the following tips from WeddingWire about how to put that together.

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7. Delegate Tasks to Several Close Friends

This was extremely important for my wedding and for the weddings I’ve been in! Delegating small or large tasks to people you trust will be sure to take some of the wedding stress off your shoulders. Here are some potential ways they can help: bringing your marriage license to and from the wedding and making sure it is signed by everyone necessary, making sure your bags get to where they need to be, making sure you eat and drink enough throughout the day, helping you make it to the restroom, and carrying a mini emergency kit of things you might need.

8. Try Not to Let Family/Friend Stress Interrupt Your Day

I know this is easier to say than do, but it won’t keep me from saying it! On your wedding day, you don’t need to worry about whether Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan are going to be fight or about where someone is sitting. And you don’t need to think about so-and-so’s date or why someone isn’t there. If I can say anything to cause you any peace about your wedding day, it is that you will be so fixated on your spouse that you won’t want to think about anything else. So, don’t spend any time now worrying about those possible situations because, most likely, they won’t get the chance to ruin your day anyway.


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9. Remember Your “Why”

When things get difficult, remember that you are doing all of this planning for a reason. By the end of the day, you will be married to your best friend. And though the wedding will be fun and you will look back on it for the rest of your lives, the wedding is just as much for your family and other guests. Choose to see your wedding day as a way to glorify God and serve others and this will help any little problem seem less cumbersome.

I hope and pray that your day will be FANTASTIC and that the amount of love you feel from your spouse and from others will offset any stress leading up to the wedding! Of course, I hope these tips were helpful as well.

What helped you de-stress before your wedding? Which of these tips do you wish you had tried? What is the most stressful part of wedding planning for you? Please drop a comment below and let me know what you thought!

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