Is it just me, or do we only hear about post-wedding weight gain in an “it is how it is” kind of way, accompanied by a shrug? Everyone talks about how your body will change after having kids, but why aren’t we talking about the changes that occur for many people once the wedding is over? If you are dealing with a new body in newlywed life, it’s important to know that you are not alone in your struggle. I asked my little Instagram community for their experiences with this ultra-common problem:

“Unfortunately… staying fit/happy/healthy/normal was nearly impossible after I graduated college and stopped cheering. I took on four jobs to support me and my new husband (who is in dental school) so I became the “breadwinner”… I gained that 10-15 pounds. I was depressed. I had anxiety about seeing anyone I knew. I was losing my hair. I was getting hormonal acne. My body was desperately trying to get my attention.”

“I put on weight after the wedding because I had time to eat again after all the wedding planning and prepping.”

“Two months after wedding day, I tried to put on pre-wedding lingerie: it didn’t fit. And come to think of it, lots of clothes started to not fit. By Christmas, my finger was turning purple because my wedding ring was so tight, but I refused to take it off while around family for the holidays.”

How common is post-wedding weight gain?

According to a study in “Obesity”, women gain an average of 24 pounds in the first 5 years of marriage, with some studies saying that the first 10 pounds of weight gain tends to happen within 6 months. Women aren’t the only ones who gain weight after the wedding, though. An article from “USA Today” claims that men gain an average of 30 pounds in the same time frame.

What is it about newlywed life that causes our weight to rise? The reasons are varied. For many women, the weight starts to pile on simply because they no longer have the pressure of fitting into a sleek, white gown. Newlywed couples also tend to spend more time together in front of the TV as a way of relaxing after a day spent apart. For some, it happens purely because they have time to eat again after being so busy throwing together minute details for months on end. Though life circumstances and waistlines may have changed, the good news is that more important things in life have not.

Though life circumstances and waistlines may have changed, the good news is that more important things in life have not.

You are beautiful. You were handmade by God in His image. Just like everything in life that He created you to marvel at, from the sun-soaked mountains to the rolling waves of your favorite beach, He put just as much thought and love into creating YOU.

You are loved. By the Creator of the universe and by your spouse. Like a father loves His child, your Heavenly Father loves you. Your spouse knows and loves you better than anyone else on earth. You can trust with your whole heart that changes in outward appearance will not change how loved you are.

You are more than your looks. There are 1 million other amazing little things about you that make you who you are. You are special. You are talented. You are exactly who you are for a reason.

You can make a change. If you want to and if you need to, you have the choice to make a change. Do it to glorify God and to better yourself, not for anyone else.

Your weight does not define you.

If you’re in a rut right now, just keep pushing forward. I’m with you and there are so many others in the same boat. Whether you’re working on losing weight or learning to accept your new normal, don’t do it alone. A dear friend recently encouraged me with this: “I’m trying not to waste my skinny years believing I’m fat and I’m stopping the lies that Satan is telling me daily from spoiling all the amazing things that God is offering me this year.”

We’ve got this, friends!

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