My goal for 2016 is to focus on 3 main things: physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. This post is mostly about physical goals. I don’t want to focus on being skinny or a certain size, but instead I want to truly be and feel healthy. I want to be proud of the work that I’ve done and I want to be happy with how I look! I thought I’d write about how I’m going about this healthy journey and some of the specific things I’m doing!

My major weight loss plans were to count calories/portion control and to exercise more. So far this year, I’ve lost 5 pounds! I’m pretty happy with that, but I still have a long way to go. I have stuck to the calorie counting pretty well, but with school starting up again and getting sick this weekend, I haven’t spent as much time exercising as I’d like to.

Calorie counting seems like a chore, but if you’re really motivated it isn’t too bad! Here are some of the tips I use to make it happen:

  • I set a daily goal of how many calories I will eat. When I’m doing mostly calorie counting and less exercise I do 1200 calories a day but when I’m getting more exercise in I will eat up to 1500 a day.
  • I keep an Evernote note with calories of common options I would get at different restaurants on and off campus. This way I can pull my list up on my phone when I’m out and hungry and make the best choice.
  • I make thorough grocery lists so that I always have what I need at home. I try to eat at home more often when I’m losing weight so that I have more control over what I consume. I know how many calories are in what I can make at home and its typically much less than something I would get at a restaurant. I meant to take a picture of the groceries I bought today; I was proud of them! I used to be ashamed at Walmart when my cart was full of empty calories and too many carbs, but today’s haul was much better for me!
  • Thankfully, my schedule this semester allows me to do more cooking at home. I enjoy cooking and adding new recipes to my recipe book. I try to use one night a week (sometimes every other week) as a food prep night where I cut up veggies for salads, make my favorite roasted chick peas for snacks or salad toppers, and prepare anything else I’ll need for the week ahead. Having onions and green peppers chopped and in tupperware helps me throw together a quick salad or sandwhich whenever!

Tonight I had to miss fellowship time with friends because I came down with an Upper Respiratory Infection (and possibly something else) over the weekend. No fun at all. I figured sharing my contagion would not be the best use of my time (or anyone else’s) so I got my grocery trip and food prep done instead! Hopefully these antibiotics will kick in soon so I can see people again! Here are some pictures of what I did tonight.


I use green peppers and onions a lot throughout the week so I split them into different bags and tupperware. The bag of onions is premeasured for the white chicken chili I’m making tomorrow, the 2 small tupperwares are going in the freezer and the bag of green peppers and larger tupperware of onions are for me to use this week, mostly on salads.
This is my handy-dandy slicer that I got at Walmart a while ago! It is great for slicing onions evenly.
These chickpeas are too delicious for their own good! They are great as a protein filled snack or as a sort of crouton on a salad. Also featured, my lovely recipe binder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016!



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