Today, I begin thinking positively. I have spent a majority of my life hating myself, being ashamed of how I look, and speaking hateful words toward my own body. I recognize that I am not perfect, yet it is imperative that I begin to see myself in a better light and deny the internal lies that threaten to defeat me. I will not worry about what the people around me think of my body because it was made by God and therefore it is in His image.

For years, I have hated this body. I have cried endless tears over it. I have smothered it in clothing, hidden it behind pillows and other objects, and believed negative words others have said about it. I spent my high school years in a sweatshirt (literally) in the Florida heat to hide what was underneath, yet today I wish I could look like that again.

Today, I strive to be happy in my own body like I never have before. I have been given a strong body. I am able to push it to do more and work harder. I will give it foods that will energize it, not make it feel like trash. I refuse to be repulsed by my reflection in the mirror. Today, I recognize that my worth is not in my appearance.

Today, my body will glorify my God.

Today, I take my body back.


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